About Us & Our Why

|| Create Your Own Western ||

Fashion for the rodeo mama/wife to the boho cowgirl jamming at Stage Coach.


Hi! So glad to meet y'all! I am the owner, Brandi. I am 30 years old and I've been married almost 5 years now(I may talk about my hubby some on social media lol). I love the fashion industry and just couldn't stay away after college wasn't exactly what I needed. This isn't just my anymore, this is for me and my husband. He had a work accident over 2 years ago that unfortunately rendered him unable to work again, so this business is now OUR baby as he helps me with tasks and some of the packaging. 

Our goal is to not only bring great quality clothing for women in the rodeo/western world but to just bring women together as a whole and to dress however you feel like it. Don't let anyone tell you how or how not to dress, that choice is YOURS babe. If someone doesn't like it, well guess what that's okay! If you love it and feel confident in it, that's all that matter.

We are a western style boutique online Boutique for now with big dreams and goals! Though we are only a little over 4 years old, we can already start to see our community growing!

We will also get the blog up and going soon with fun tutorials and announcements we when do events and pop ups! We cannot wait for y'll to grow with us!

xoxo - Brandi